1. Installation Instructions: it is very simply, you can DIY 

1. Use the screws to fix the frames on both front and back license plate

2. Pull the connect wires from the left or right hidden cable channels into the Cab.
3. Put the controller in right position of the driver`s cabin .
4  flip the plate with a remote or the controller


2.How do I know if the automatic hide away license plate fit my car?

Now we providestealth license plate holder for EU size, USA size,Brazil, Australia, and Saudi Arabia size number plate.

License plate flipper for European size and USA size

If you are not sure, you can refer to size of the hidden license plate we provide below:

EU SIZE:                         525mm (L) x 135mm(W)
USA SIZE:                      315mm(L) X 170mm(W)
Brazil/Australia SIZE:   410mm(L) x 150mm(W)
Saudi Arabia SIZE:      355mm(L) x 195mm(W)

3. What is the specification of the curtain model stealth license plate cover and license plate flipper?

1.Voltage: DC 12V  
2.Fixed electric current:0.6A  
3.Main material: ABS &iron

4.Fixed power:2W  
5.Ascend and descend time:2-3S  
6.Control distance:50m  


4.How is curtain model electronic stealth license plate cover frame work?

Every set has 2 license plates, plate A and plate B. There are 3 buttons (A, B and AB) on the remote controller and main unit, Press A/B button once, the A/B curtain will roll down to cover the license plate number, press again A/B, the curtain will roll up and show the license plate number. If press AB button once, you can control the two plate at the same time. There is an LED indicator show the condition of the license plate curtain status.


5.How is license plate flipper work?

With just a flip of a switch you can flip your plate down to a 180 degree angle “Out of Sight”.

Put your own unique message or decal behind it. Then flip the switch back and your plate is back to the normal position.

6. Is it illegal to have it?

Having your license plate not showing while driving,  you will get a ticket for missing front or rear.
However, when you are parked at a show , you will not.

It depends on what you want to do, If you want to rob a bank, this would be a great tool!
If you want to take pictures without having to photoshop the numbers off, or use it at the car show,
or keep your plate from being recorded on parking lot cameras, it could also be useful.

7. Can I see the work video of this hidden license plate?

Yes, curtain model license plate video link:


license Plate Flipper video link:


8.What the difference between the curtain model license plate and license plate flipper?

They differ in the work way. the curtain model  license plate will make the plates become invisible by a shield, with a push a button. the unit will move the plate into position automatically.

While the license plate flipper isn't changing the plate for a different one it flips your plates up/Down out the way.

You can see clearly their difference from the work video.

9. What is this stealth license plate usd for?

To avoid red light cameras, beating red light cameras, or avoiding toll booths or toll cameras.

It goes on to suggest a few legal uses – stuff like keeping your plate clean when you go out mudding, or perhaps showing off at a car show.

10.Is it water proof?
Yes it is, the cover curtain is made of a material easy to dry, the frame is made of steel and plastic

11.Is this 1 or 2 license plate covers (as pictured)? What the hidden license plate kit includs?

Two. One for front and one for back.

Stealth plate package includes:

1 Rear license plate frame
1 Front license plate frame
Switch to operate the kit
One remote control
LED light indicates hide ON
Wiring, nuts and bolts

12: How long the warranty period?

90 days. during this period, we can offer you free p
arts, but you afford the shipping cost.


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